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Story Telling:

·       May 2024 VIDEO:  Arkansas River Clean Up Green Up

·       Apr 2024   Desolation/Gray: Wilderness Lost & Found plus Youtube video by Christina King

·       Aug 2023  Grand Oar Donations & Some Swim/Dive Antics plus Youtube video by Christina King

·       Jun-Jul- Aug 2023 VIDEO:  Browns Canyon Arkansas river, June 9- 2010 cfs, June 10- 2100 cfsJune 15- 1990 cfs, June 18- 2320 cfs, June 23- 2670 cfs, July 3- 1940 cfs, July 10- 1220 cfs (Anne Ward), July 14- 1140 cfs , July 15- 1140 cfs (with cousin James),  July 28- 980 cfs Milk Run in duckies, August Milk Run Swede Visit- 950 cfs by Christina King

·       Jul 2022 VIDEO:  Yellow Rubber Ducky Romp (Gates of Lodore Green River) by Christina King

·       May 2021 VIDEO:  Tips for Rowing the Big Rapids in Grand Canyon by Marc Hunt

·       Jul 2015 VIDEO:  Gates of Lodore by Christina King

·       Jul 2014   Funnel Falls Fireworks (Westwater) by Ava Fuqua & Anne Olsen

·       Jul 2013 VIDEO:  Gates of Lodore by Christina King

·       Jul 2013 VIDEO:  Westwater by Christina King

·       Jun 2013 VIDEO:  Middle Fork of the Salmon by Christina King

·       Jun 2013 VIDEO:  Brown’s Canyon (Arkansas) by Christina King

·       Sep 2012 VIDEO: Trail Building at Ruby Mtn (Arkansas river) by Christina King

·       Aug 2011 VIDEO:  Grand Canyon Story in Photos & Music to download OR via Youtube by Christina King

·       May 2011 The Girls Want a House (Yampa) by Christina King

·       Oct 2010 Yallah to Morocco  & Trip Video & Eyeglass Donations Video by Christina King

·       Aug 2010 Wanna Go on the Grand, "well sure".... by Christina King

·       Aug 2009 Splat the Ringtail Cat (Grand Canyon) by Christina King

·       Jul 2009 Leaping Whales, Calving Glaciers & Denali- The Great One  by Christina King

·       May 2009 Dinosaurlicious (Yampa) by Christina King

·       Aug 2008 The Grand Wedding by Christina King

·       Jul 2008 Bug n Bear (Gates of Lodore) by Christina King

·       Jun 2008 Middle Fork of the Salmon Snow & Sun by Christina King

·       Apr 2008 Salt River by Christina King

·       May 2007 VIDEO:  Yampa at 13000 cfs by Glen Roberts, edited by Christina King

·       May 2007 Lake Creek Update (Middle Fork of the Salmon) by Christina King

·       Oct 2006 If we eat it can we check it off the list? VIDEO Zambezi River Africa by Christina King

·       Aug 2006 Back in the Grand Groove by Christina King

·       Jul 2006 Born on the 4th of July (Westwater) by Christina King

·       May 2006 Moonshine Mayhem (Gates of Lodore) by Christina King

·       Jun 2005 Double the Fun on the Selway by Christina King

·       May 2005 Green River Rising (Gates of Lodore) by Christina King

·       Mar 2005 Salt River Saguaros by Christina King

·       May/2004 Grand Canyon Evacuation by Christina King

·       Aug/2003 Gotcha In the Grand by Louisa Bradtmiller, Denny Claveau & Christina King

·       May/2003 Perfect Storm (Ruby/Horsethief, Colorado river) by Barb Deniston

·       July/2002 Making the Turn (Middle Fork & Main Salmon) by Christina King

·       Nov/2001 Crocs in Costa Rica by Christina King

·       Nov/2001 Costa Rica Adventures by Dave Sample

·       Aug/2001 Grand Canyon: A Journey through Heaven & Hell by Pete & Christina King

·       Jun/2001 Idaho Sun and Snow (Middle Fork of the Salmon) by Christina King

·       Jan/2001 1960's Canoe Championships by Glen Roberts

·       Jan/2001 New Year's on the Arkansas by Dave Wimmer

·       Aug/2000 Paddle Captain, Oh No!!! (Arkansas) by Jeff Henry

·       Jun/2000 Meltdown on the Middle Fork (Middle Fork of the Salmon) by Christina King

·       Mar/2000 San Juan Spring Break (San Juan) by Barb Deniston

·       Jan/2000 Big Bend Y2K (Rio Grande) by David Sample

·       Oct/1999 Mountains, Rivers and Guinea Pigs in Peru (Urabamba) by Christina King

·       Sep/1999 AARPs and pre-AARPs in the Grand (Grand Canyon) by Christina King

·       Jul/1999 Snap, Crackle, Pop, and Roll (Westwater) by Christina King

·       Jun/1999 The Chic Millennium (Middle Fork & Main Salmon) by Christina King

·       Sep/1998 Hunker Down Bow Monkey's (Grand Canyon) by Christina King

·       Sep/1998 Grand Canyon Log by David Sample

·       Jul/1998  Westwater Fireworks by Christina King

·       Jun/1998 Idaho River and Snow (Main Salmon) by Christina King

·       May/1998 Green River, Brown Spiders and Red Rocks (Gates of Lodore) by Barb Deniston

·       Apr/1998 Dancing with the Devil on the Salt River by Christina King



·       Weakest Link Grand Canyon by Christina King

·       Weakest Link Idaho by Christina King

·       Weakest link Tatshenshini by Irene Cooke



·       Pet Float by Christina King

·       Arkansas River Cleanups by Christina King


Travel:  Non River

·       Oregon Coast Adventure Summary by Pete and Christina King

·       Dec 2013 Oregon Coast Video Adventures by Christina King

·       Dec 2011 Oregon Motor RV Rig  by Christina King

·       Jul/2007 Sweden Sojourn by Christina King



·       Dutch Oven Tips

·       Astrid’s Recipe Book: many favorites used on river trips!





















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